Sunday, 2 November 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#152 to #154 - From the Two Bettys, Deborah S and Gaylene H.

These three parcels are the last parcels received for the month of October. A total of 36 dresses from the two Bettys -  Betty Barrett and Betty Paull, Deborah Sempf and Gaylene Herrmann.
1) Donation #152 is a parcel of 21 dresses, 6 pairs of shorts, some mini bags and hair ties from the two bettys namely Betty Barrett and Betty Paull -
2) Donation #153 is a parcel of six dresses from Gaylene Herrmann which she committed to donate for the kids of the Morales Compound in Pasig Metro Manila Philippines -
3) Donation #154 is a parcel of 9 dresses from Deborah Sempf  and with her in the picture -
My heartfelt thank you to the two Bettys, Deborah and Gaylene for these wonderful dresses. Your kindness and generosity is so much appreciated. Thank you.

Next week will be for donations for this month of November. I hope I would still be able to receive more dresses as a lot of women have been unhappy after I have implemented the new rule on number of dresses that can be donated for free. I still believe this is a fair rule and so much better than receiving dresses that I will not be able to distribute. The only way I can sustain this campaign is to put a limit on the number of dresses that can be donated. 

Don't forget deadline of dresses for Christmas distribution is Dec 1st.

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