Saturday, 15 November 2014

More items to sell for fundraising - Candlemaking Supplies and Moulds

If you know of anyone who likes candlemaking and/or looking for great items to give this Christmas, I am selling some of my candle moulds and candle supplies to raise more money for postage. Looks like I have no more things to sell (LOL!)  but have more dresses to distribute. All these items are available for purchase in my on-line shop and also in ebay. These items are all very new and are spare items. I keep them just in case I need them in my candlemaking but looks like I need cash these days to make a lot of children happy this Christmas.
To view and purchase them from my on-line shop, please click on the image above or click here.
To purchase them from my ebay postings - please click on the actual item being sold or copy and paste on your web browser the URL address right next to it -

1) Candle-making - Square votive mould 
or copy and paste -

2) Candle-making - Octagonal votive mould
or copy and paste -

3) Candle-making - Polyurethane 15-tealight mould -
or copy and paste -

4) Candle-making - Wick stickums
or copy and paste -

5) Candle-making - Wax break-away clamshell 
or copy and paste -

All proceeds go to a very worthwhile cause. Please help spread the word around. Thank you.

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