Friday, 21 November 2014

Dress for today - 21-Nov-2014

Since Tuesday I have not been sewing a dress nor a pair of shorts as I was focusing on my fabric trees, houses and dress creations which can be used as a Christmas ornament (especially that we are less than 10 days away before the 1st day of December). I finished my packing of the first two of six parcels of dresses and christmas bags which I am scheduling for pickup on Sunday and was having a rest when I suddenly felt that something was not right with one of the boxes....and it was already sealed. I tried to ignore what I was thinking and in the end I opened the box again and I was right. It was missing one dress...another miscounting (when all I do is count and I still make mistakes....more mistakes in fact! LOL!). 

Not knowing where to get an extra dress as other plastic bags contained what was written on top of it, I decided to make a dress this morning to make up for the missing one. It would be heartbreaking if there were 40 girls in the room and only 39 received new dresses and on a Christmas day. So here is the dress I made with fabric material donated by Linda Smyth - (am glad I have ready fabric materials, elastics and bias tapes to use anytime I want)
This dress will be included in the distribution to be made in the remote province of Sariaya Quezon Philippines sometime during the Christmas week by Edna Lisa Albufera and friends. Also to be included in their distributions will be a few colour pencils, exercise books, a couple of children's books and mini magic slates.

Now I can put my feet up and really feel comfortable having a rest.

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