Monday, 24 November 2014

Status updates on Dresses, Shorts for Boys and T-shirts by Dress A Girl Australia

Scary thought! As of today, 2,994 dresses,736 pairs of shorts, 383 t-shirts, 105 quilts and 42 ready-to-sew kits have been given away by Dress A Girl Australia.....and still counting !!! Looks like I am more than going to meet the target I set in the beginning of the year of 3000 dresses of which 500 was targetted for India. As of today, I have sent 504 dresses to India and might be able to send another parcel of 32 once I have raised the needed funds. Please help spread the word about my Dress A Girl online shop. More items will be posted today (fabric trees, fabric hearts and houses, large-sized christmas stockings and gift sets) and a few items at heavily discounted prices to raise funds in order to send more dresses. Am a bit exhausted from all these activities but at the same time feeling elated just thinking of the 3,730+ kiddies around the world that owned a new dress, t-shirt and pair of shorts...that is 3,730+ smiles the world has seen this year. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. Much appreciated!

Christmas (a season of giving and sharing) is just around the corner. Is everyone excited about it? If you have not started on anything yet, now is the time to make a difference to the world of disadvantaged kids. Share the spirit of Christmas especially to the less fortunate and give them love, hope and happiness!!!

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