Friday, 28 November 2014

Giving Tuesday - 2nd of December 2014

Last night I wrote in my facebook page about 'giving tuesday' which is on the 2nd of December. 2014. Giving tuesday is a global movement to celebrate a day of giving to kick off the giving season.

I have joined the 'giving tuesday' movement and have come up with this idea on how to celebrate it with Dress A Girl Australia especially  for Christmas and since I think I have a lot of time to sew this weekend. My idea of 'giing tuesday' is dress sponsorship with the proceeds from the sponsorship to be donated to the Dress A Girl Australia well campaign to provide clean water and hope to the people of Kalagi Uganda. The money that I have raised selling handmade items intended for the Dress A Girl well I have used to pay for the cost of sending dresses to different locations for Christmas distribution so I believe it is just right and fair that the proceeds of these sponsorships should go back to the Dress A Girl well fund. That is hitting two birds with one stone to make this world a better place. A dress and a well. 
I will be sewing dresses for the next 3 days and some of these dresses will be posted here and in my facebook page. For $10.00 you get to give a dress including an undie, a mini teddy bear, a hair tie, a magic slate for perhaps the little girl to write her dreams, one lolly and a button that says 'am special'.. These dresses will be distributed in slum areas in the Philippines on Christmas day and make a little girl feel special perhaps for the first time. A picture will be taken of the girl who receives a christmas bag and sometime after christmas or January, will be forwarded to the donor of the package. I have chosen the Philippines as the location as I have a parcel that still have lots of space that I can use. I have not reached the minimum weight but need to pay the minimum cost so I decided to add these gift bags anyway it is Christmas. All the items in the bag were personally purchased by me and the fabrics from my personal collection. So especially for those who do not sew but wants to help make a difference to the lives of the less fortunate, this is a good opportunity. Watch out for the dresses that will be posted in a special album and please help spread the word around. It is Christmas. Thank you.

To know more about the Dress A Girl Australia well campaign, please click here.  
To know more about the 'giving tuesday' please click here. For any questions or more details, please write to Thank you.

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