Friday, 21 November 2014

Thank you !

There will be less and less postings on this page as the end of the year is fast approaching. Last 6 parcels for the last location(Philippines) will all be sent by the first week of December. Two more parcels to be sent this coming Sunday. Year 2015 plans will be published in two weeks time. This year has been very challenging especially towards the end of the year when I practically run out of money to spend for postage. My heartfelt thank you to all those who helped and provided financial assistance to support this wonderful cause and to everyone who bought items from my shop. Your support has helped raised funds that allowed me to distribute almost 650 dresses, 120 pairs of shorts/matching t-shirts and 107 Christmas bags for little kids and orphans this Christmas (each bag complete with a dress or a t-shirt/shorts set, undie and a small toy) and 6 dresses for pregnant women including 3 onesies for babies who will be born before Christmas). What a way to share the spirit of Christmas, love, happiness, hope to disadvantaged children around the world. Thank you so much. Your time, money and efforts will not be forgotten. Thank you.

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