Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Dresses for Today - 17 & 18-Nov-2014

When you are so used to being busy and suddenly you have nothing to do (especially in my case where my nights are spent doing tasks for Dress A Girl Australia) you start to ask 'what is happening?' 'What is happening to the world?'. 'Why am I not busy?'. LOL! The past few days all I have been doing aside from handmaking things to sell is wait for the dresses that have been committed to arrive so I can finish my sorting and packing. So I dont forget about Dress A Girl, I spare some time sewing dresses or pairs of shorts and here are the dresses I finished on the 17th (1x) and last night (4x).
When I am done with my sorting and packing for the year by the end of this month, I will be focusing on handmaking things to sell to continue my campaign for the Dress A Girl Australia well which I have neglected because the money I raised for this I have used to pay for the postage of dresses so it is time I go back and raise money for the well. 

In order to keep this blog and my facebook page alive (until such time that I will go back to dresses which is sometime in March or April, December and January are my rest months both in collecting, sorting and spending money for postage and in February I will be travelling to the US for a holiday) I will be posting dresses and shorts that I will be sewing in preparation for next year's plans and handmade things that I also have made to sell.

I am not giving up on my campaign for a well and this is one of the reasons why I am putting a limit on the number of dresses that can be donated and strictly followed starting next year. Re-allocation of funds will not be in my dictionary this time until such time that I have completely raised the money to build a well. If you want to know more about my 'Dress A Girl Australia' well campaign, please click here. If you want to help and provide hope and clean water for the people of Kalagi Uganda, please click here to make a donation. 

Don't forget that 'giving tuesday' is fast approaching. It will be on the 2nd of December when people all over the world try to help one another. This might be a good time to think if you want to help and donate to the "Dress A Girl Australia" well for the people of Kalagi Uganda. To make a donation, please click here.

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