Monday, 3 November 2014

Dress Distribution #75 - Children of Lanao Philippines Parcel #1 (Christmas Distribution - c/o Sha Pagli)

This is Dress distribution #75 Parcel 1 of 2 for the children of Lanao Philippines for Christmas distribution. Lanao is about 24 hours by car and/or truck(1,523 kms) from the city of Manila via Pan Philippine highway and not sure if you can fly straight to this location. I think you have to fly to CDO and drive about 3 hours. This parcel will be sent to Dr Sha Paglinawan who will be visiting this area in early December. Parcel # 2 will be posted as soon as I have sealed the box. By the way, I am doing the dress distribution articles parcel by parcel to make it easier for me and believe me saves time.
Here is Parcel #1 of 58 dresses and undies -
and the contents of the parcel -
made possible by the following donors -
1) Sarah Macraild
2) Australian Sewing Guild (Wollonggong Group)
3) Eliza Leahy
4) Kerry Hackney
5) Sharyn Cafee
6) Lorraine Walker
7) Golden Girls 2  and Kay Innes
8) Elaine Dunemann

To see larger images of the contents of this parcel, please click here. For more details on this distribution (and also at a later stage when feedback is received), please click here or click on the special 'Dress Distribution' tab which you can find at the top of this page.

Thank you to all the donors who made this distribution possible. Your kindness and generosity is much appreciated. Thank you.

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