Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#159 & #161 - From Susan H, Lynne S and Marlene Z.

This is the second batch of donations for the month of November for Christmas distributions. Three parcels of dresses, t-shirts and 2 books on quilting to sell for postage raising from Susan Harris, Lynne Stupple and Marlene Van Zetten  for a total of 17 dresses and 10 -tshirts.
1) Donation #159 is a parcel of 5 dresses from Susan Harris who had a great time making these dresses -
2) Donation #160 is a parcel of 12 dresses with undies and hair accessories from Lynne Stupple -
3) Donation #161 is a parcel of 10 t-shirts and 2 quilting books from Marlene Van Zetten. The 2 quilting books will be sold to help raise money for postage.
My heartfelt thank you to Susan, Lynne and Marlene for the dresses and the quilting books. Thank you for your support of this campaign. Your kindness and generosity are so much appreciated. Thank you.

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