Friday, 17 October 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#133-#135 - From Diane W. Pam K. and Sunnyside House

It is donation acknowledgement time once again. Dresses this time came from Diane Ware, Pam Kilgallon and Sunnyside House. Each of these dresses have been allocated to the current project for Christmas Distributions  in several locations and for future projects (although future distribution dates are unknown at this stage) as per the new dress limit rules where individuals are set at 5 each and groups at 12.
1) Donation #133 - is a parcel of 5 dresses from Diane Ware -
2) Donation #134 - is a parcel of 12 dresses from Pam Kilgallon -
3) Donation #135 - is a parcel of 22 dresses from the residents and staff at Sunnyside House (Aged Care Facility) at Camperdown Victoria -
Thank you, Ladies! Your kindness and generosity is much appreciated.

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