Tuesday, 28 October 2014

More dresses for the Hope Project - Burma (Victoria Headquarters)

More dresses were made for the Hope Project - Burma at the Victoria Headquarters. This time it includes girls and boys clothing for the children of the Chin Villages which will be handcarried by a lady nurse who is a member of the Hope Project in Victoria. She will be leaving for Burma in early November. Here are the dresses and shorts -
Thank you again to Mary , Sue, and Jane of AMES, and Chris Byrden who will be bringing more on Wednesday. These will go to both the Karen and to Chin children in Burma. And again, thank you to Barbara Dodson for sewing and helping to organize all these distributions. Thank you. Much appreciated.

As of this date (and if am not mistaken) total dresses sewn from the Victoria Headquarters has now reached 104. Thank you Ladies!

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