Monday, 13 October 2014

This weekend's dresses - 11&12-Oct-2014

The reason why I am sewing again is because I do not want to end up as a "collector" of dresses only, a sorter, packer, picker and sender of parcels lifting as heavy as 30kilos to the extent that I injured my arm due to the lifting of parcels and financier. This is not how I envisioned Dress A Girl Australia when I started in 2011. I also want to see children wearing dresses that I sew. The last 18 months not one of the dresses I sent was mine.  The only way I can go back to how it was is to limit the number of dresses that can be donated. This way I do not feel pressured to just keep on looking on ways to raise money for postage, become a sorter and packer every night and picker and sender of parcels on weekends, leaving work early just so I can send a parcel. Things have to change so I am going to be happy again and enjoy what I am doing. If I am happy with what I am doing, I can be happy and probably be more accommodating too in helping other people who want to make a difference in the future when things improve.

For this weekend I made seven more dresses and have never been happier since I know that in the future I will be able to see seven girls wearing these dresses. 
The maximum number of dresses I will be accepting of 5 for individuals and 12 if a group still stands as of this date.

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