Thursday, 23 October 2014

Would you like to help for a Christmas gift bag?

I know that I have been limiting the number of donations to receive but once in a while I get lucky financially and this occasion is one of them. It gives me the opportunity to send more but do not have the time to gather or collect the items or make them myself especially now that I am more focused on my sewing of dresses to India. So would be very happy if there is anyone out there who would be willing to help.

These are for a special group of boys and girls who are going to be given a christmas party and these items will be given to them on that day to let them experience a best christmas ever. Am not sure now where I read the message (bit confused but either here or a comment in my blog or email) that somebody wanted to donate dresses between the sizes of 1 to 4? Here is an opportunity for those who would like to help without the burden of donating for postage as this parcel has already been sponsored. 

For boysSizes I would love to receive are -
Size 1=7
Size 2=6
$ize 3=5. 

For Girls - Sizes I would love to receive are -
Size 1=5 
Size 2=6 
Size 3=7. 

If anyone would like to sponsor any of these items, it will be much appreciated. Please send me a message at if anyone is interested to help on this. Due date posted to me is on or before the 15th of November. This will give me enough time to source the items if the need arises. Thank you so much.

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