Monday, 20 October 2014

Important Info re future dress donations

Due to financial difficulties I am no longer able to sustain this campaign by accepting bulk donations of dresses from prospective donors. My handmade business is quite slow in generating income and can no longer cope with the cost of running this campaign. My attempts at fundraising is not doing well either. I am just your normal and/or average person who goes to work everyday to earn a living but probably has a big heart to help the disadvantaged people, lots of compassion and kindness to share but do not have the hundreds or the thousands or the millions other people have or other groups doing the same thing have to support this campaign consistently.

After careful consideration and with my desire to continue doing this campaign, I have decided to set up new rules in order for this campaign to survive. Please click on the document below to know what the new guidelines are -
New Guidelines on future dress donations

Please bear this new rule when sending parcels. I cannot keep any dresses in excess of these limits as I have no space to keep them and as of today, no plans have been scheduled or established regarding dress distributions for 2015 yet. Once they are known, they will be published on this blog or in my facebook page. Right now my focus is on dresses allocated for Christmas distribution.

Thank you all for your kindness and generosity and for understanding the current situation. It is much appreciated.

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