Friday, 3 October 2014

Project : Sew dresses for Backup Sewing Marathon

Now that I have set up all options I can think of on how to raise funds for postage, all I have to do is wait and see. Wait and see if I can generate sales from my Christmas shops, wait and see if I can reached my goal on the crowdfunded t-shirt campaign drive. Dress a Girl Australia's activities will be very minimal in the next few weeks as activities will be driven by outside factors. As a person with an IT background where one should always be one step ahead and looked at all the possibilities available before saying it is not possible and make sure backups exist, I have decided to set up a backup for Dress A GIrl Australia as far as dresses are concerned. 

Effective 1st of October I started a 3-month sewing marathon to make sure that I have dresses ready for distribution anytime. And here are the first seven dresses I have completed since I started last Tuesday. 
Am hoping that in the 3-month sewing marathon period (Project: Sew dresses for backup) I will be able to sew about a 100 dresses. This will be quite a challenge considering my schedule with 93 dresses to go.

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