Sunday, 5 October 2014

Dresses for Today - 5-Oct-2014

It is nice when things are quiet on this campaign because I get to spend my time doing what I enjoy doing and what actually started Dress A Girl Australia almost 4 years ago and that is sewing. I thought I woke up early and was thinking of starting the day by sewing more dresses and was planning to make 3 for today but it turned out that Daylight saving time started early this morning and the time has advanced one hour. So this morning I made 2 and since there is going to be a family gathering this afternoon till late at night most likely as tomorrow is a public holiday I do not see myself as sewing another one today.

Here are the 2 dresses I finished early this morning. 
Some of my fabrics are quite small making the length of the dresses short but I still have a bag full of laces which was given to me by my sister about 2 years ago (that means I have not really been sewing last year) so I added 4inch laces to both dresses to make it longer. When I run out of this fabric sizes, hopefully that is also the time that I will run out of laces. :-)

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