Sunday, 19 October 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#139- #141 - From Karen N., Kerry H. and Sharyn C.

Third batch of donations for this month is from Karen Neilsen, Kerry Hackney and Sharyn Cafee adding up to a total of 25 dresses and have been allocated to three different locations in the Philippines and an extra box for India which I am trying to fill up these days. Other locations such as Kenya (sent) and Uganda (for posting in Monday) have already been filled up and now closed.
1) Donation #139 is a parcel of 5 dresses from Karen Neilsen -
2) Donation #140 is a parcel of 8 dresses from Kerry Hackney -
3) Donation #141 is a parcel of 12 dresses, 3 t-shirts and 1 pair of shorts from Sharyn Cafee -
Thank you so much Ladies. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. It is much appreciated. Thanks.

Just a reminder to everyone about the dress limits of 5 per individual and 12 if a group. It does not matter whether I am able to fill up a box or not, if you are donating, please send what is only required, not more or probably less than the limit as this is only what can be funded. Thank you.

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