Thursday, 9 October 2014

Re-allocation of dresses to India

Two parcels intended for two existing orphanages in India have been re-allocated to a new location still in India but in New Delhi this time. I did these re-allocations based on the following reasons. 

1) I want to send dresses to the Sunshine Project based in New Delhi but because I have no dresses that can currently meet the requirement of dresses with sleeves and these 2 parcels are still awaiting dispatch, I have decided to re-route the parcels to New Delhi instead.
2) To send new parcels to New Delhi will require funds and because I am short of it this time and funds have already been allocated to these 2 existing parcels, I thought re-allocating these parcels and the funds for it is justifiable. Anyway, I have already sent about 251 dresses in one location and 91 dresses in another I do not feel that guilty and also it is time that I send and share dresses to another area. Spread the dresses around. (Come to think of it I never received any pictures from the 251 and 91 dress distributions although acknowledged that the parcels have arrived safely.)

To check out the dresses that have been reallocated, please click on the links below -
Parcel 1A of 57 dresses, click here.
Parcel 1B of 44 dresses and 12 pairs of shorts, click here.

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