Saturday, 4 October 2014

Dresses for Today

I thought I would start the day sewing dresses for my Project : Sew dresses for Backups Sewing Marathon. This way as the day goes on and I get caught up with other things to do like thinking and creating more handmade items to sell for fundraising, at least I have done my sewing as once I get into creating I tend to forget the rest of the tasks for the day. Here are my 2 dresses for today - the fabric was not that big so I decided to add a 4" lace to make the dresses longer. Would love to see these dresses worn by Ugandan babies.
I think I need to do more sewing so I can start using up all my fabrics. Two of my cabinets are filled with fabrics. I would not want to see what is in the crystal ball for me as it might say that more fabrics are coming in my future. LOL! I try to avoid going to the fabric sections of craft shops so I do not get tempted to make a purchase. Kidding aside, what better way to use my fabrics, the best way to use each and everyone of them .. by making them into dresses for the disadvantaged children around the world.

Since it is a long weekend this weekend, I am aiming to sew at least 6 more dresses.

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