Thursday, 9 October 2014

Heartfelt thank you to everyone

My heartfelt thank you to everyone who is helping raise funds for postage, to everyone who is helping find ways and options on how to raise funds for postage. It is very much appreciated.

Please if anyone is contributing to this cause, please make sure that it comes from the heart. No one is being forced to make a donation most especially that I cannot issue a tax receipt to make your contributions tax deductible. So donations must come from the heart and also to avoid inconveniences. Only contributions from the heart can bring more comfort and more joy to the children who will be wearing those dresses.

Limits have been made on the number of dresses that will be accepted for Christmas distribution to make sure that they can be funded. To refresh everyone on the limit setup, for individual donors it will be 5 dresses only and for the group 12 dresses. Please do not send more as plans for 2015 distributions is still unknown and will depend on the financial capability of Dress A Girl Australia. All those who want to make dress donations, please make sure that they get to my postbox by Dec 5 to allow me more time to sort, pack and know how much more funds is needed to send the parcels.

Or if you feel more comfortable purchasing items from any of my shops, please feel free to do so. Proceeds from all sales goes to the postage fund of Dress A Girl Australia. I have temporarily stopped all donations to the Dress A Girl Australia well. Until the end of the year 2014, all proceeds from purchases made from my webstores will go to the Dress A Girl Australia postage fund to pay for the cost of sending dresses for Christmas distribution.

Thank you everyone.

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