Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Quilt Label Panels now available for Sale

The Quilt label panels that I want to sell to raise money for postage for the dresses I am sewing for India is now available for sale. You can purchase them either through my facebook page or in my soft treasures website which is now up and running and in the process of being updated with more craft items to sell to support this charity. 

To check out the quilt labels from my facebook page, please click here .
To check them out from my original Soft Treasures shop, please click here.

Please go to these sites and check out the items. You may like any one of the panels and make a purchase. Proceeds from the sale of these items goes to a very worthwhile cause.

More fabric panels will be posted for sale soon. Hopefully this activity will slowly sustain the Dress A Girl (around the world) campaign to provide dresses to the disadvantaged kids anywhere in the world. Although there will definitely be a reduction in the quantity of dresses but at least it will go on. So would appreciate if you could help spread the word around on the items that I sell. Thank you.

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