Sunday, 19 October 2014

Dress donations update

Two important updates and/or information regarding dress donations for today to those who are interested or are intending to donate -

1) I am starting to allocate and fill up boxes (a few are closed) for Christmas distribution. Just a reminder about the dress guidelines in order to be included in any of the distributions and the dress limits of 5 per individual and 12 if a group. It does not matter whether I am able to fill up a box or not, if you are donating, please send what is only required, probably less than the limit but not more as this is only what can be funded. I know the number am targeting that can be funded and with my sewing I can fill the gap if I receive less than what I expect. Thank you.

2) A few people have sent me emails asking if I would accept their dresses as they have rang charity groups and did not want to accept their dress donations. Some groups prefer cash donations. So just to be clear I did not say I will not accept dresses. What I have been repeating quite a few times already is that I will accept dresses but limited to 5 for individuals and 12 if a group. This limit is due to financial issues. If I had all the money in the world (if this world were mine) I will accept all your dresses but at this time dress donations should be based on the limits I have imposed so I can distribute them as funding is very, very limited. Thank you for your understanding.

Please click here for simple guidelines to follow when making dresses.
Please click here for the new rules implemented regarding number of dresses to donate.

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