Wednesday, 8 October 2014

More dresses for Project Sew Dresses for Backup - 7 & 8-October

My intention is to fill at least a parcel full of dresses and be ready to provide dresses in case needed anytime and the way things are going it looks like am apt for the task. Although the commitment is a little too much but the thought that there are still many kids out there who deserves to own at least one dress keeps me going. I have lots of fabrics to use from my personal collection it is time to give them away and the best way to do that is make dresses out of them and make a difference to the lives of the disadvantaged kids but will just have to be a bit slower than it used to be and only when able. This way I enjoy making a difference.

Yesterday and today I finished 6 dresses and 2 pairs of shorts and I hope I am able to continue on doing more. Time seems to go so fast these days. I do time my sewing making sure that I do not go beyond an hour making one dress. :-)
Let me see what I can do for tomorrow.

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