Thursday, 2 October 2014

Update on Project Christmas 2014 with a Limit

Just to give you an update as I have been getting a lot of emails regarding the limit on number of dresses. Sorry ladies, the decision has been made. I cannot accept more than 5 dresses from individual donors. 5 is better than nothing. It is either I do not do any dress distributions at all and close Dress A Girl Australia until such time that I can generate more funds that will help me sustain this campaign or limit the number of dresses I get. 

Please feel free to distribute the dresses you make on your own. There is no need to send them to me . There are other individuals and groups who do their own distributions and probably have more funds than I do. You just have to find their contact details by searching their facebook pages. But for the rest of the year, after 2,400 dresses, 575 pairs of shorts, 276 t-shirts and 91 quilts for this year alone, my petty cash fund is dry and I am no longer in a position to provide more funds. From now on, I will just be working based on projects and unlike last year where I kept on receiving dresses even without locations in mind, this year and hopefully in the future, it will be based on projects where locations are definite. This way I am able to forecast the cost that will come with the distribution. Also, I really have no space in my house and it feels great to have some of the space back and without the fear of stumbling or encountering small accidents and my arm which was hurt last year will have more time to rest. and most importantly, I will find a better balance between my personal life, career and volunteer work. Thank you. 

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