Friday, 24 October 2014

Sewing the night away

I think the last time I posted the dresses I made for the Project : Sew dresses for Backup Sewing marathon was last Thursday, 16th of October . Well, instead of dancing the night away I was sewing the night away and feeling no pressure here are the next 18 dresses I made since that posting and these are for the days 17th of October to the 22nd. Feeling glad I've got my mojo for sewing back again.
All these dresses will be for my personal box, my contribution for the year 2014 (Finally!!) and going to India next month.

Fabrics used for 3 of the dresses came from Kim Foster, 9 dresses from Millhouse Collections and the rest of the fabrics (6 dresses)are from my personal collection. All t-shirts used on these 18 dresses were donated by Joan Wolf. Thank you to Kim, Joan and Millhouse Collections for making these dresses possible. Much appreciated.

With these 18 dresses, the total number of dresses I have sewn so far since I started this marathon last 1st of October is 66. Please click here for the album of dresses.

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