Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Dresses for Christmas Distribution

Good Morning everyone! It is October 1st. Christmas will not be the same if I close shop for Christmas distribution. So I have made my decision. In order for me to continue providing dresses to the children in need especially this coming Christmas season, I will accept dresses for Christmas distribution but with a limit. I will only accept five dresses per individual donor and/or 12 dresses for a group

Due to financial issues and business is not that good causing my cash fund to dry up, this is only the number of dresses I can afford per donor/group at this stage where I am willing to pay for postage and other costs needed to sustain this activity. If I am able to raise more funds then I will make adjustments. I think 5 dresses is better than nothing. Unfortunately this is just a community work. I cannot issue a tax invoice for cash donations that is why I make things to sell so at least people who want to donate get something back for the money they give by purchasing something from my shop but sometimes time is not enough for me to keep on making things and for some they still doubt whether I am using the proceeds for this cause which is hurtful and quite unfortunate. To those few who have been helping out on postage without tax invoices, your help all this time is very much appreciated and my heartfelt thanks. 

So if you are willing to accept this compromise of 5 dresses only and strictly following guidelines on how to make dresses between the sizes of 7 to 12, you can start sending those 5 dresses to Dress A Girl Australia P.O. Box 240 Casula Mall Casula NSW 2170. 

"Project Christmas 2014 with a Limit" is now officially open !! Dresses for Christmas Distribution should be posted on or before Dec 5, 2014Thank you and thank you for your understanding.

Addendum :
Please do not send me more than 5 dresses if you are an individual donor or more than 12 if you are a group. I have no space to keep those extra dresses as I am not sure when my next distribution will be as it will all depend on the financial circumstances of Dress A Girl Australia. My current focus is Christmas Distribution which includes fundraising, sorting, packing and organizing within the limits of the project. I will also be sewing just in case I do not meet the target I have in mind at least I have dresses to distribute.  Thank you.

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